Notions in Ink

Of Walls and Dreams

The light flipped off, and the beats slowed Darkness built a wall, secluding me from the world   Beyond the wall, there might be woes, there might be foes and beguiling beaus There might be storms about to blow Yet... Continue Reading →



Bandit Queen

Indian Belle

Flawless in Solitude


I know when you were with me, I did not strain myself on your regard I know when you were with me, I did not make time for you I know when you were with me, I hurt you I... Continue Reading →


Destiny Unravelled

The room lit up when she smiled and I was astounded by her beauty. But we never met again and I never saw that smile. Our eyes met at a conference as we rolled them in exasperation of the speaker.... Continue Reading →


A Blossom Muse

A Blossom swayed under the Silver Moon It wondered where it would go tomorrow When it bloomed at the Sun’s first ray. It might be a part in the worship of God, Or woven in a bouquet to add to... Continue Reading →



On walls they hang in polished frames And leer down on me From their esteemed seats. ‘cause they unlike me can hold time still In their old and withered arms. How much I envy them But alas, there’s nothing I... Continue Reading →


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