Man like any other living creature is a free soul. Free to do anything- walk, talk, laugh, cry, sing, dance- anything at all. And then he is also free to do as he pleases- that is, whatever appeals to his heart and nature. Even to hunt and kill like the wild beasts, to take what he wants and never look back. Up until this point he is no different from the animal he evolved from.

But perhaps god felt he should be.As a final touch he added one little detail to him. Thirst. No, not for water, (or booze). A thirst for progress. For refinement. For knowledge. For sophistication. For comfort. For security. It is perhaps the lack of this thirst (or opposable thumbs) that never encouraged animals to add salt to their food or fashion weapons for their protection or strike rocks to make fire. It was this thirst that made man travel that long, long path- of evolution. To aid this process Man was given another gift- intelligence. This one special trait pushed him down that road. And as he walked down it he developed around himself layers upon layers of- what shall we call it, finesse.

It was when man set out on this road that he realized he wasn’t independent, he was interdependent. To achieve all this he needed a society, a civilization- where everyone could live and work together as free beings. Who better to form this civilization with than his own fellow men? And so it all began. The journey of a small nuclear group to explode into the million nuclear families we are all now parts of. Standing where we are today, we know that eventually man found all that he had set out to find. He made discoveries. He made inventions. Constantly he learned. And what he learned he preached. He prodded and poked every corner of the earth. When that was not enough he moved beyond it. He moved so much into it that he realized one man was not enough to study all of mother earth’s secrets. Then he categorized. He planned. He divided the work of civilization amongst his fellow beings. One man could not walk all roads. He just had to walk his road till the end.

But early in this stage, much to his disappointment, man realized under all the layers of sophistication, after all his efforts to set himself up as a different species from which he evolved, he was but an animal.This was the fact that threatened to shake mankind by its very roots and hurl it back to where it had begun as a toddler. This was the trait that had to be curbed. Because, the monster that lurked inside man was more dangerous in the more civilized atmosphere than it had ever been in, what man now considered, less evolved environs. It now wore an armor of sharper, more cunning intelligence and one that blended perfectly with its surroundings.

The intricate set of codes and norms we follow in our everyday life were what enabled this monster to be leashed. The basic, most delicate threads of the society, which set us apart from our regressed ancestors, were weaved by our very own hands. Restrictions. Boundaries. Limitations. Call them what you will. These were not made to suppress man. Why would any individual want to suppress himself? No, these were ways for humans to assist themselves in an effort for progression. The knowledge that has been handed down the eons, the legacies of humanity and rich moral fabric that come from our ancestors, the stories, the epics, the mythologies are all but guidelines on how humans remain humans.For the evolved human being, life in a society that has lost its moral foundation is near to impossible. Today’s man cannot live in a society without security. And ours is fast approaching that.Yes, man is a free being. Yes, your life is your own. You are free to shoot for the stars. You are free to enjoy. You are free to run with the winds and flow with the rivers. And you are absolutely free to be free.

The only limit to your freedom is that it accommodates the famous statement- live and let live.

Sorry to say that the guidelines we receive today about what to do or what not to do are mostly diminished and promote a sense of suppression rather than advancement. To find out what societies are really made of, to know right from wrong turn to the true guidelines of our history and heritage. If we can truly understand and analyse them, they’ll never disappoint. Turn to yourself if nothing else sounds right. As I said, the gift of humanity is every person’s legacy. The answers are all right within your heart. Just dig in a little.