A bird chirped. My eye sought it out amid the thick leafage. Of course nothing could be seen. How and why did birds find secret haunts to let their songs fly forth. Was it just to add mystery to their voices? A bell tinkled somewhere and a vendor cried his wares. Whence did he come from and where was he headed? Did he like his job? Was he kind and did he smile at his customers? Or was he just… “Hang on,” the ever anxious voice of reality weighed in to interrupt my reverie. “Did you just say ‘whence’?” it demanded. “Were you talking about vendors and wares? This is the 21st century. It was probably someone’s cellphone.”

It probably was. I agreed. That silenced the voice. If I wanted to argue with reality I wouldn’t be in bed dreaming up fiction. Other noises were calling for my attention. I had to get back to them and let my mind draw up what images it could to compliment these sounds. Wheels turned, clocks ticked, shadows passed, there were footsteps, there was laughter, rustles, whispers, thuds, the images got more vivid. Finally, I was left with only my thoughts.

I have often heard that, the mind flies faster than the strongest winds. When it has done it’s work it leaves behind a tangled web of thoughts and hopefully a brush of sagacity to comb through it. Often these thoughts become too many and seek an outlet. I believe there are two outlets to clear your head- either put pen to paper or get those wheels on the road. In the interest of road safety, I prefer the former. For a millennial that translates into blogging.